We do cats too!.



At Dog Life our goal is to provide your dog with a professional groom, in a timely manner and at an affordable price, all with the safety of your pet at the forefront. While your dog is in our care, you can rest assured that they are being handled with care and being made to feel that they are in good hands.

        Grooms are by appointment only

How long does grooming take?

We do our very best to get your dog done as quickly as possible.  We begin your dog's grooming as soon as you drop it off.  We like to say that it will take about three hours, but many times it will be less.  We will call you right when the grooming is finished and the dog is ready to be picked up.

My dog is matted.  Do I need to cut his hair short?

We will do our best to keep the hair as close as possible to the desired length first.  Unfortunately, trying to comb out mats is painful for the dog and can be dangerous.  If the mats are tight, the safest and most comfortable option for the dog is to cut the hair short.

Can I stay with my dog?

Our salon is very small and has no area for the customers to be while their dog is being groomed.  It is safest not to let the dog see you during their grooming.  The groomer is working with sharp tools, and if your dog can see you they typically fight to get to you, which can be a dangerous situation.

How do you dry the dogs?

This is a very good and important question to ask any groomer because your pet's safety is at stake.  Please ask this no matter where you decide to take your pet for grooming.  I use towels, fans, and no-heat blow-dryers.  Hot and dangerous cage dryers are not used at my salon.

How often should my dog be groomed?

Typically, it is good to say six to eight weeks.  Regular visits can help reduce skin allergies and rehydrate the skin to reduce doggie dandruff.  Unlike humans who breathe in allergens, dogs also absorb them through their skin.  Sand, dirt, and oil also build up in the coat which causes odor and can collect on furniture and carpets in the home.  You may always pre-book your next appointment when you pick up your dog.  That way you will not need to worry about forgetting until things get really bad, or not getting the day and time you like.